Lettenbichler repeats last year's victory and is new WESS Champion

It is difficult to put the highlights of the Getzenrodeo 2019 into words. All around the Getzen area all the hell again, from 7 o'clock on the race day the crowds streamed to the track, so that even before the start of the Getzen Race the many thousands of spectators who had come again to the World Enduro Super Series final held for the first time in Grießbach brought a unique flair with them.

This time the start already took place at 10.00 a.m. with a cannon strike for the Getzen Race. 20 drivers of the 66 registered participants should qualify for the Getzen Champ in the afternoon. Manuel Lettenbichler achieved the victory in the qualifying round under huge cheers of the fans. Unfortunately he was the only German pilot who could fight his way to the final, because both Kevin Gallas and Leon Hentschel had problems at the beginning of the race. For Gallas it was very bitter because he already had a technical defect in the first lap which prevented him from continuing.

The tension in the final could hardly be surpassed. Falko Haase and his team had added a few more key points to last year's race, which also challenged the top riders to the extreme.
Manuel Lettenbichler started with the certainty that he had already scored so many points in the Getzen Race that he could win the World Enduro Super Series title. But this spurred him on so much that he was able to get a head start. While other riders were still in the first lap, the Kiefersfeldener had already built up a huge lead. Towards the middle of the race Taddy Blazusiak caught up more and more on the ground. Shortly before the end of the race he had reached the rear wheel of "Mini Letti" and could even pass with a different line choice. But at the "Brutzelrand" the mistake of Blazusiak let him fall back to 2nd place.

Lettenbichler was the first to enter the RedBull X-Loop, the drama hit Blazusiak when his bike stopped. A damaged fuel pump decided the 8th Getzenrodeo Extrem Enduro. Lettenbichler now had all the time in the world under the eyes of his father Andreas to cross the last section in the RedBull X-loop. Gomez, who was the only one still in the same lap as the two leading until then, managed to finish second on the last meters before Blazusiak.
The Getzenrodeo e.V. got best marks from all sides for the organization of the event. The drivers as well as the WESS series organisation were more than enthusiastic about the event.

"See you again in 2 years at the 9th Getzenrodeo Extreme Enduro"

Picture: TK420 / Toni Keller