„Mani“ Lettenbichler, the King of the 24MX GetzenRodeo 2023

„Mani“ Lettenbichler, the King of the 24MX GetzenRodeo 2023

Enthusiastic fans, satisfied riders, and radiant faces of the Getzenrodeo e.V. characterized the race day in the Getzenwald. The tenth edition of the race was a perfect success where everything fell into place.

As the sun rose over the track at 7:00 am and the entrances opened, the first fan groups immediately gathered, aiming to secure the best spots. Tension began to build in the paddock, and fans wondered: Could Manuel Lettenbichler secure his fourth victory at the Getzenrodeo? The answers to these questions would come after two thrilling races at 3:30 pm. Until then, the fans enjoyed top-notch racing action.

Lettenbichler as if from another planet in the GetzenRace

At 10:00 am, the GetzenRace was initially on the schedule. The key details are quickly explained because in the GetzenRace, the aim is to qualify among the top 20 for the GetzenChamp.

Manuel Lettenbichler quickly built a lead, lapping the entire field except for his fiercest World Championship rivals, Mario Roman and Billy Bolt, at an incredible pace.

What seemed effortless for Lettenbichler was grueling work for the rest of the field. Amid thunderous applause from over 10,000 fans, each participant was cheered on to conquer the toughest climbs, such as the „Gewürzregal“ or the „Kartoffelreibe.“

Making it into the final of the top 20 pilots was another German rider, Marc Wulf, alongside Lettenbichler. The champion of the DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany showcased top form and had some reserves in store for the final as well.

Electrifying battle in the final between Lettenbichler and Bolt

What appeared to be a walkover in the GetzenRace turned out to be an open battle in the final. Billy Bolt kept the pressure on Lettenbichler throughout the entire race distance. The lead between the two changed multiple times. As an added twist, Falko Haase, the mastermind behind the track, incorporated the Jokerlane that each participant had to pass through once, creating a special thrill.

Towards the end of the race, „Mani“ picked up the pace again and crucially pulled away from Bolt. Thus, he reached the finishing area first, where the Getzenrodeo e.V. had created a unique setting over many months. In homage to the old Grießmühle in the area, a water wheel was even installed.

With this victory at the 24MX GetzenRodeo 2023, Manuel Lettenbichler has now claimed the title for the fourth time, following his wins in 2018, 2019, and 2021, solidifying his position as the King of Grießbach. This achievement makes him the sole leader in the Hall of Fame of this arguably most unique enduro race in the world.

In addition, the KTM factory pilot managed to win all six races of the 2023 World Championship. Manuel Lettenbichler stated, „It was a mega event – the best of the season. The crowd here was thrilled. You could hear them all around the track; the support was incredible, not just for me, but for all the riders. It feels amazing to secure six consecutive victories and to finish my season here at home in Germany.“

Nevertheless, Billy Bolt was a content second-place finisher, saying, „This track is so technical, and if you make a mistake, you get punished hard. By not climbing the rock, I let Mani take the lead again, and I just couldn’t catch up to him. But I am happy. I rode well here and gave it my all.“

Mario Roman also celebrated his third-place finish. Marc Wulf, as the second German rider, was also pleased with his 16th place at the finish. Considering the professionals ahead of him, this is a remarkable achievement.

Eric Seifert won the duel among the riders from the host district

With Eric Seifert and Kenny Lötzsch, only two riders from the Erzgebirgskreis were at the start. Seifert prevailed in the duel against Lötzsch. It was 41st place for the Breitenbrunner, who also regularly participates in the German Hard Enduro Championship. Kenny Lötzsch, who only sporadically got on the Enduro bike this year, finished in 49th place in the field of 66 participants.

Everyone is now looking forward to the next GetzenRodeo, which will hopefully take place again in the Getzenwald in 2025.

Photos: DG Design / Denis Günther